Picking up those brushes again.

Hi and welcome to the occasional mutterings of Dave Doc, a military modeller and some time gamer. Gaming and model making has given me a real education, History & Geography(obvious really), Artistry, Politics, Economics, Logistics, Project Management -you try building miniature armies without the last 3.

I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

ACW in 10mm - The project kicks off

After what has been a hectic few weeks with family events I am back to some decent  man cave time. I am now working properly on the 10mm ACW project I have in hand, along with some guys from the Old Guard Wargames club. A number of them are making good progress on troops for both sides. I have some Union and Confederate to paint and have started with a Union Brigade. I have also decided to get stuck into the terrain works early so we can get a game on my table or at the club venue.

So here are the first completed items.

10mm infantry and first two buildings by Pendraken

 Snake fencing by "Blotz" - i have about 10 foot of fencing done altogether - its great value for money and really easy to make up. 

Tree by "Busch" from e bay - first of the 4 bags I have are now done. The stream was from Battlefront I think - needs to be made somewhat less bright blue yet though

the mat is an 8 x 4 Deppcut Studios grass plains sourced from Simon Millers Big Red Bat stores.

I have more Union on the table . The second batch of trees is being glued to bases. I have some flexible dirt track on order. I have a pile of 5mm foamboard for making slopes/hills to go under the mat.  Plenty more to come - and the first game in the offing

you can see James's beautifully painted Conderates here

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Battle Report - VBCW - The Battle of Scruton

Today the lads from the Old Guard Wargamers  met up again as part of an occasional  "big game days" .We have been taking it in turns to run a game for the fellow members , which has been a great way to move personal projects on.

Today we were treated to a game by Martin (28mm Heroes blog). This was to be a hypothetical battle as part of the Very British Civil War in 1938. We would fight over the village of Scruton - the village where we play, Martin had made models of the village pub (where we ate in today) , and the parish  hall we play in (the former school house), with a range of other nice touches from the cricket pitch , to vegetable gardens .

Martin had devised a great scenario based around an alcohol shortage, and who held the newly re-supplied village pub. We would have 7 factions - wewere "supposed" to form alliances based around the traditional left and right wing sides.. - somehow we all though alliance was code for shoot your neighbour in the back... which ended up great fun..

I was given the "Anglican League" -made up of the Police, the Women's Institute, a priest as leader and band of Warrior Monks!  something more inappropriate I cannot think of! -

The North Riding village of Scruton , becomes the focus of today event

The socialist arrive- Angus's Northallerton Linoleum workers co-operative..who were thirsty...

Pete's Sportsmen - angry at having their days entertainment interrupted

Matt's - Cumbrian forces - having crossed the A66 - maybe we would all shoot these foreigners!

John - The Lord of the Manor fascists and their infernal machine 

Rogers - Post Office workers head into the village

Pete - gets to pub first

My sniper decides it it time to pot a fascist,,,

My W.I , who picked a bad time to hid In the "snicket" - boy did they get mullered!

The warrior monks dispatch the Fire brigade, canon armed truck,  flame thrower, and MG.. good lads

Steve turns up with the Army in a smart armoured car.  - and shoots the first thing with a back to him..

My Peelers had been biding their time, waiting  to display the long arm of the law. - they seize their moment.. and got hammered"

The game ended with Pete managing to hold onto the pub - somehow... and i think every faction had managed to NOT make any alliance , just shoot whoever was in front of them.. it made for a great game.. lots of laughter,,

Happy gamers! Picture courtesy of Mtts and his WargamesDungeon

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The new gaming table

One of the main aims on getting my new man cave up and running was to be able to have a table set up permanently for gaming - along with having my dedicated painting space.

Well today that has come to fruition. I worked with a local joiner to build me a bespoke solution.  It is a mobile table (locking wheels) with full size shelf for storing boxes under the main surface.. It is 6 foot by 4, with the option of making it 7x4 , or 8 x4 by lifting the ends up. It was made so it can come apart easily should we ever move -unlikely!! but you never know.

Over the last year I have invested in a number of gaming mats for it , so i have been getting them out.

Fully extended size 8 x 4 - with Big Red Bat green plain mat. 

8x4 Big RedBat - Sagebrush mat 
6x4 size with dropped sides - Tiny Wargames Arid mat

6 x 4 Urbanmatz cobblestone 

My original 6x4 felt - Hotz mat for the cowboys - needs a good iron!
I have added some anti slip matting to the top which keeps the mats in place.

I have some nice cloud backdrop prints on order for taking pictures.  Time to book up an inaugural game!

I can see a lot more terrain works coming up.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Paint desk and mancave updates

Since the Partizan show I have re tidying up and re-organising the storage boxes to make better use of those I have - and they are all now stored away until the next big game on August at The Other Partizan event on the 20th of August. In the mean time I have an upcoming game of VBCW to look forward to with the guys from the Old Guard club near Northallerton. Its being run by Martin (28mm Heroes blog) so look forward to seeing what he does with it.

The paint desk now has a few different things on it for a change as I am doing a few units for friends,

28mm Stradiots - Italian Renaissance cavalry for Curt  

10mm Napoleonic Mamalukes for Gerry 

my own 10mm ACW , and more bits of railway track for the Sudan and my cowboys.
The man cave works have been progressing in between things. My display cases are all now up.

The preparation , airbrushing and soldering area. 

Additional shelving added above the main painting area

The central area of the room is clear - awaiting my new bespoke games table. 

Central area from the other side ... 8x4 table to go in there..

hopefully the new games table will be built in the next week or so...

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Partizan Part 3 - the loot

In-between running the game and chatting to people (a lot!) I managed to nip around a few traders and have a bit of a stock up..I did had a decent list of things, and got most of them.

I sourced a load of bit for the desert terrain box from The Last Valley. Bits of scrub, brush and trees. I also got an oasis and wadi piece , that got used on the day , but its packed away at the moment.

A new Sudan related book , and the new set of Napoleonic rules with markers

a couple sets of paints - the Yellow is new for me - I have been using the flesh colour set for years and had just started to run out.

A stash of Perry Egyptians and Sudanese infantry, and the new Zulu war plastics - need to pick some more up to finish the 6 more units I want.

Pack horses!

I have also got booked up to run a game at the August Partizan ... time for boats I think!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Partizan Part 2 - The battle continues

The action picked up pace as the morning went on with more Mahdists arriving in force .

Mahdists emerged in force from the Wadi.. the balloon had spotted them just in time to allow forces  to be  deployed 

The Egyptians lose two battalions quickly , the remains one , gun and cut of British  engineers form square and hope..

The Indian Brigade marching to sound of fighting arrives - can they deploy in time

More Madhdist mass on the west side of the Zariba
Rapid fire time ... can the thin line hold the horde...

A huge force of Baggara cavalry start to sweep around the North side.. 

The line breaks as the mahdists enter the zariba destroying the defenders

The sailors pour fire out of the zariba - the Gardener gun is glowing...
The Bengal Lancers deploy to challenge the Baggara.

The 15th Sikh , and 17th Punjab deploy into line to protect the western side,risking their flanks,,
The Scots Guards are heavily outnumbered at the western side - a unit of the NSW artillery is destroyed

Will it hold!
The 28th Bengal double time it , to fill the breach - and blaze away at the remaining mahdists inside the zariba

The unit of Egyptian lancers were having a great battle - crossing the wadi they cut a path through  and  attacked  the zariba besiegers from the rear!
The Naval brigade had hammered the lead Baggara cavalry - the Bengal lancers  crashed in destroying half the force which fled.. the North side was cleared..
The western side attackers were being whittled down - the guards held the zariba for 3 turns  , the Gardener gun on the train rattled out dropping swathes...
The 15th and 17th are in hand to hand - just holding with cracking morale dice.. forcing the hordes back..
The Mahdists have had enough - but oh it had been close!

next up the loot! 

Work in hand


No more than 3 things on the PAINTING table at once. Nothing new added until something is finished.

PREPARATION work is done when I don't fancy detail painting. Cleaning up, converting, undercoating etc.

PLANNING is expressions of interest or things that have inspired me to be created with no definite timescale as yet.

10mm ACW

On the PREPATION table.
10mm Mamelukes

Death in the Dark continent stuff